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Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Mallu girls

Whats so peculiar about mallu girls? My colleague told me
they are calm and pay less intrest in fashion( I mean not like
Bangalore girls). And their natural beauty. Hhhh is it so? Dont
you think the kerala girls had changed? May be not in the rural
side of kerala. But where do you find the urban area? Less than
5 cities can be brought under the urban zone. I dont think that
the mallu girls remain the same in rural areas too. A change is
needed for every one. Its natures law-"To Change". So far the
situations are considered the mallu boys have an upper edge
over mallu gals.

Tuesday, March 28, 2006

3 tedious days

Last three days was really a nightmare for me. I was
assigned a task of creating a game. "Kalavasana
ullavanalle pattoo. Thathaye varachaal poocha ennu
thonnippikkunnathanu ente srishti". Meaning am not
a genuine artist. If i would draw a parrot it would look
like a cat. Any way only a few distance away from the
destination i just found the time to write the blog. Oh
Jayan you are really lucky man. Nobody in the project
and no company like feeling. So really frustrating me.
But these are some real lessons for me. The one that
i learnt from a small firm.

Footnote: Its better to come from a small firm to a larger one.
Its then you learn some thing. Its then you know

Friday, March 24, 2006

Cute Technopark

Today i spent the morning session in Tchnopark.
I found the place to be a beautiful one. The breeze
that touched me ... The whole green scenario and
ofcourse last but not the least the girls.(Its so sad
that we dont have a lady staff in our office). And the
most important thing is that how the firms are organized.
A cool soothing atmosphere. It made me feel like a
chlormint in my mouth. The sun was shining brighter
and the breeze was there to make you feel in an A/C
room. Yah being a nature lover i enjoyed the breeze,
the plants(and girls ofcourse!!!).

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

I Read It

Yes sir its really nice to see that firms are switching towards Linux.
Yah the on demand ice-cream maker and the cow milking machine.
You can have the video download by clicking in the link's given below.

Let's have a "Ta ttaratta tatata Eeha uuha Linux". Its being proven
that in the embedded side the growth of Linux is faster. Am waiting
for Moobella to come in India(Kerala), so that i can prepare ice-creamof my own and again an all time feeling that the machine is using Linux. The Indian industrialists should also think about the power of Linux in the embedded area. Though my friend Ms. Kattie told that India will be an economic power by 2010. Well if India would become such a great power lets hope that then some of them will show intrest for using Linux in atleast coffee shops(I mean the Nescafe maker).

  1. Moobella on-demand Ice Cream maker running Linux
  2. Linux powered robotic cow milking machine

Water Water

Today when i looked the paper at noon(No power in the
office) after Lunch, i found that today is world water day.
Dont know how many of them know about the current
political decision of CPI(M). Yah poor Achu mama, being
a member of polit bureau, not allowing to give his
nomination for Assembly Election. Yah am comming
towards the
Plachimada Coke factory. You need to look
about the place first yah its Palakkad man. The hottest
place in kerala. Nowadys even if am thirsty and a little
hungry i used to drink
Mazza or Slice. But i may stop
them soon. I need to rely on Bisleri's. At times rely on
Sevenup. I think that this is colour free. Well the only
message is try to recycle water and find its use again
and again and again... I had heared that in Gulf countries
the water to drink is taken from Ocean! surprised i think
not. Yah you are right, via reverse Osmosis. There are places
in India where the drainage water is also recycled so that it
can be used to water the garden and so on.

Foot note:Try to conserve water and say bye to the Plachimada Liquid.

Cute Babies

Yah yesterday i had a good experience with a small baby,
of Sreejith(one of my colleague in SPACE(FSF)). The
innocence that the babies have in their life. Yah when
she looks at the the wallpaper of GNU hanged in our
office she just tries to tell "mmbe". Yah just like the
cry of a cow. Well we humans have lot to learn from
the babies. Think of it atleast once. Can u ignore the
smile of a small baby when he/she tries call u or just
clinch you with their small fingures. If u ignore them
then i think the mankind in you had vanished. Well
i like small babies because i love to see the innocence
in them and innocent people.

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Taxi 9.2.11

Dear friends its very sad in India that u can't
even go for second show movies in trivandrum.
This is for the 6th time a cops are catching me,
for watching a second show movie. I saw the
movie called Taxi 9.2.11. What's the relavance
of this number? Now i remember a saying in
Hindi "Now do Gyarah". Yah to vanish. Nice
performance by Nana Patekar. The movie is
a story that happens in a day. Nowadays i
think people like fast movies, which dont
give much time to think in the theatre. And
my all time favorite actor Nana Patekar, how
can i miss his movies. Only few actors who
doesnt immitate others and have their own
talents behind the screen. When the movie
was over i was returning to my room and i
was caught by the police man. Trivandrum
life had given me a lot of experience with
the police(Catching me for watching movies).

Monday, March 20, 2006

A memorable week

Yah the last week was so memorable
to me! Why did i got a girl friend? Nooo.
A week i enjoyed with so many people.
I got good food since i was with parents
and my sir(Chullan). We prepared some
gorgeos chicken and then ooophs...
Food is one of the most essential thing
in mans life. Do we earn for luxuary?
Since am comming from a remote
place, i dont find the value of luxuary in
my life. Am skidding from the topic. After
being in Trivandrum i was in search
of good food. In the sense no "Parippu
curry"(Dal). I was away form that curry
for the last week and so i loved the food
i had last week. I learned to how to cook
food(especially chicken) from Shaju and
Anoop. It was my dream, after comming
from the office and then,cooking food.
Hope i could get some good friends while
working in a good firm like-shyam,Bijoy,
joju,shaju etc...

Scoo Bee Doo

This was the word i used when they
missed me in the intermediate round.
The company "aaah" which was built
by Larsen and Toubro(L&T) Ltd in
chennai. My father being an employee
of L&T i had always felt that L&T is
always a pioneer in the construction
feild. Now what about the CTS. The
stupid guy thought that inspite of
having supplies am a fool not eligible
for CTS. Well if that was the case with
me then there are a lot of people whom
i met shouldnt reach there, i must be
kidding then. Yup. A beautiful lady ,
ofcourse most of the companies now
pay for the looks of the freshers or
newbies, sitting in the cab and reading
"Twinkle". I watched her forehead. Oh no
red channel drawn(Nowadays few ladies are
not using "Sindhoor")then i looked at her
fingures. Yah she was not married. Was it
because of her childish nature that she was
reading Twinkle. Ofcourse reading Twinkle is
not at all a crime. But it really amazed me.
Such a big MNC and people are enforced to
read Twinkle and some other comic books....

Saturday, March 18, 2006

My Photo
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At last i kept my word. I immitated my sir,
in front of him. But sorry he dint took any
photos( Which i think is not relevant between
us but for others they require this to belive).
No one gave any suggestions regaurding how
was my performance(No Jadaas even it went
wrong). I need a response from the heart. So
i would be glad if i would get some suggestions
where i had to improve my skills, so that i
could improve it by next time. Even i think
i did better during my college days and my
friends used to tell me that u should present
this during the "College day". But i was a man
with stage fears (Not Noww!!!). And i dint. I
respect my sir a lot......

Saturday, March 11, 2006

State Film Award 2005

After a dissappointing tour from Chennai i
came to the room in Trivandrum. My room
mate understood my problem and he told
me ,"Da today in Tagore theatre we can
see the award ceremony of 2005 films".
We went there. The theatre wasnt upto
my expectation("Evan aaru?"). I saw
Mohanlal who won the award for best actor.
But the award which made me more happy
was the award gained by Salim Kumar. Wow
i couldnt explain the "Kai adi" that he got
from the audience. Humm.. He deserves it.
It was unlucky Navya Nair("Buuaaah") who
dint dont any "Kai adi". Why? I think she
doesnt deserve it. I dont like her acting except
in Nandanam. After that we saw the Ravindra
sangeetham. Some of the beautiful songs were
sung by the youngsters. I love music. So i was
just involved in it. Only Santhosh Keshav
heared some "Kooval". But apart from Salim
kumar i was also surprised by the award
bagged by Unda Pakru. A man who might not
be more than 2 feet took the award from
Aranmula Ponnamma just like a baby
Bhim with his "Gadha". Another beautiful

Come on GEC Skpuram

Now being a student of GEC Skpuram am
feeling ashamed due to the fact that lot
of colleges are taking intrest atleast to
take part in the free software movement.
And so its our college still in a "Pattikkad".
The students have to work hard and
atleast for god sake dont try to follow the
path of seniors. The best example was that
of the FISAT conducted in Angamali. What
i use to tell about the students of my college
is that "Unnan irikkumbol Ela anweshikkuka".
If atleast they do this then half satisfied. But
no one is intrested to get into the "Vazhathoppu"
and have the leaves for their lunch. Thank god
am out of the college. I miss only my friends and
some of my good teachers(Only 2 or 3) in the

Keep up Alphonz

Our Ex-IAS Mr. Alphonz Kannathanam had
now decided to get back into politics.I think
it was a fair decision by him. When he was an
IAS officer he was thrown from Delhi to Kerala.
It was clear that the politicians played a vital
role in opposing his ideas. And now he is ready
to a politician, lets hope that his aggression to
help the poor become a success....

Thursday, March 09, 2006

Drunken chickens

OOH.... It was a fantastic day with bijoy,shyam,sreejith and my sir.
Now if i would die today no problem for me. One of my favourite
hobbies is to share the nostalgic moments with a known person(today it was my sir).
Ahm.. That evening we joined with 5 bottles of beer( A KF and 4
bottles of 5000). I had never imagined about my teacher to be so
company with me. He told me that if he knew that i use to drink then
he would be with me. Well am not a proffesional drinker. I even
remember the occasion when he asked me."Da evide innu vellamadikkan
plan ittittundu. Nee kudikkumo". I started to look up and down. Then i
thought if he could ask me frankly then i can tell him frankly. Hmmmm.
I told him "AAh vallappozhum". After completinig my B.Tech i dint got much
chance to enjoy the sip of alchohol. Now my sir is inviting me. I just went on.
He took his mobile and dialed ... "Da 1 more bottle. Ente studentum kudikkum".
My god they came with a chilled beer. It was a chilled session for us. Ahh...
He(sir) offered me a cigarette and i took from him. He told to me and his friends
"Da ente studentinte oppam njaan vellam adichu. Ini ithil param enikku
enthu venam." I was jealous in only one thing when would i enjoy the life like
him. And when would become atleast fat like him. Oh my god. Do u feel am
a sentimental, NNNNOOOO. I just want to enjoy like others(Like my sir and
my friends). Well he passed a comment about me and Nikhil, "EE Pillaru
kaanunnathu pole alla. Maanyanmaar ennu vichaarichavar kudiyanmaar".
Humm i couldnt foreget the session... A beautiful man. When i use to
have my seminars in college my friends use to tell me "Ohh da mathi
sirine Immitate cheythathu." For your kind information i use to do a
little mimicry also. That's all for now see u again...

Thursday, March 02, 2006

Learn English

Yup yup. Learn English and get good jobs.
Says our new era of IT, BPO's and callcentres.
Well now its turn for the parents to shape
their children to speak in English for the
sake of the IT Jobs and then say good bye
to your mother-tongue. Well thats it for now.
Well i would say think before you do atleast