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Monday, July 10, 2006

My dream team fell down

I dint wrote any entries in my blog for a long time. The reason was my dream team fell down. Oh
sorry i foregot to say my dream team its none other than Argentina. How can i belive when
Argentina was defeated in the penalty shoot out. I think during the university exam i had never
concentrated as i did for the matches of the Argentina.

What makes me more attractive towards Argentina is their fantastic pass. Belive me i am the only
one in my room to support Argentina. The rest of them are Brazil and Itally fans. So i used to
tell them if u love real game of football then u would love one and only one country ---Argentina.
Well if u had watched the match against Serbia you could see the "Magical 24th" touch. How could
one hate the play maker Requilme.

I told my room mates during the quarter final of this world cup that Argentina would make the first goal in the match against the home team. Well even after that if Argentina lost the match no problem for me (Kidding). What happened to the team -Brazil. Ofcourse the Brazil fans used to say that they are all time champions. What happened to them in the quarter final. I think they deserve the punishment. I dont think Roberto charlos is a fool not to mark Henry of France.

After the end of the Brazil X France match, i told them "Look at my team- they were out but they
played well and then they were thrown away. What about ur team?"

Now i have to wait till 2010 for the next magic of Messi and crespo still others.... from


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