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Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Taxi 9.2.11

Dear friends its very sad in India that u can't
even go for second show movies in trivandrum.
This is for the 6th time a cops are catching me,
for watching a second show movie. I saw the
movie called Taxi 9.2.11. What's the relavance
of this number? Now i remember a saying in
Hindi "Now do Gyarah". Yah to vanish. Nice
performance by Nana Patekar. The movie is
a story that happens in a day. Nowadays i
think people like fast movies, which dont
give much time to think in the theatre. And
my all time favorite actor Nana Patekar, how
can i miss his movies. Only few actors who
doesnt immitate others and have their own
talents behind the screen. When the movie
was over i was returning to my room and i
was caught by the police man. Trivandrum
life had given me a lot of experience with
the police(Catching me for watching movies).


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