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Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Water Water

Today when i looked the paper at noon(No power in the
office) after Lunch, i found that today is world water day.
Dont know how many of them know about the current
political decision of CPI(M). Yah poor Achu mama, being
a member of polit bureau, not allowing to give his
nomination for Assembly Election. Yah am comming
towards the
Plachimada Coke factory. You need to look
about the place first yah its Palakkad man. The hottest
place in kerala. Nowadys even if am thirsty and a little
hungry i used to drink
Mazza or Slice. But i may stop
them soon. I need to rely on Bisleri's. At times rely on
Sevenup. I think that this is colour free. Well the only
message is try to recycle water and find its use again
and again and again... I had heared that in Gulf countries
the water to drink is taken from Ocean! surprised i think
not. Yah you are right, via reverse Osmosis. There are places
in India where the drainage water is also recycled so that it
can be used to water the garden and so on.

Foot note:Try to conserve water and say bye to the Plachimada Liquid.


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