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Friday, June 16, 2006

God God...

It was yesterday morning. I called my "Guru". He was little busy. Though he always was. But he was ready to spent a few time in phone with me. And then as usual i asked him about my juniors etc etc.. There was nothing special for me at that time. Now he asked me "Sujith ninakku shwaasam muttunnundo avide?". I told him ya. Because i am not intrested in the php work. And then he asked me "Are u ready to work with me?". I was surprised and replied "yah yah". In the same day, evening, my PL told me that my service will be terminated this month. I wasn't shocked. Why? Who gave me the real boost to resist. I would thank to god for opening another door for me. And then could u imagine how happy i am to work in 'C'. No one will understand. Am not a hi-fi in 'C'. But still my confidence is not lost. Oh god this time u showered a little next time shall i expect a heavy rain. "Ente mansamaadhaanathinu". Do u think i am here for the first time. NOOOO.... Am here for the second time. And after almost all of my class mates got placed am still in search of job. Job hunting had made me realized a say in malayalam: "Poi chakka iduka"(means dropping the jackfruit). Thats all for now. Am waiting to write a good article after getting a "settled job".

"My Job Hunt"


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