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Monday, March 20, 2006

Scoo Bee Doo

This was the word i used when they
missed me in the intermediate round.
The company "aaah" which was built
by Larsen and Toubro(L&T) Ltd in
chennai. My father being an employee
of L&T i had always felt that L&T is
always a pioneer in the construction
feild. Now what about the CTS. The
stupid guy thought that inspite of
having supplies am a fool not eligible
for CTS. Well if that was the case with
me then there are a lot of people whom
i met shouldnt reach there, i must be
kidding then. Yup. A beautiful lady ,
ofcourse most of the companies now
pay for the looks of the freshers or
newbies, sitting in the cab and reading
"Twinkle". I watched her forehead. Oh no
red channel drawn(Nowadays few ladies are
not using "Sindhoor")then i looked at her
fingures. Yah she was not married. Was it
because of her childish nature that she was
reading Twinkle. Ofcourse reading Twinkle is
not at all a crime. But it really amazed me.
Such a big MNC and people are enforced to
read Twinkle and some other comic books....


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