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Thursday, September 28, 2006


I have been told by my friends that bangalore is supposed to be a good place to live. There are lot of good places in bangalore and lots of bla blas. But what I realized is that there are not much places in Bangalore which are mind blowing. Yah for people who live for babes, it's a good venue. But if you are a nature lover then you have only few places in Bangalore. A few wishes have yet to be fulfilled, which is to take a photo with my most lovable teacher in IIM Bangalore and also in IISC Bangalore. And also a safari to Bannarghatta National park in Bangalore with him. I think these are the venues that one has to see in Bangalore. Rather than the shopping malls in Bangalore. The intresting fact is that Bangalore doesnt have the good Multiplexes when compared to other Metro cities in India.

Again one more question what's there in Bangalore that's not there in Chennai? Do you feel that am asking you rubbish questions. Well not the only thing is the cool climate of Bangalore deviates from Chennai. Which I am sure that Bangalore will soon be affecting from heating effect. The vehicle users are increasing each and every day in Bangalore. So don't worry my dear Chennaiates everything is running in favour of you. When I was in Chennai I din't felt this much of traffic problem. Why is this due to? The government is greedy to "eat money". But no one is ready to build a proper infrastructure in Bangalore. Lot's of stuffs are there cooking in my mind which I am supposed to control because of some reasons.