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Saturday, July 22, 2006


Oh am terrified with the word 'terrosrism'. After the word the 'terrorism' the most horrifying word is 'censorship'. What the hell is going on in India. Is the government a big fool to add censorship to the blogging sites. As Anivar told blogging is the freedom to speech. If u are lifting this freedom it means that u are playing with the fundamental right of the citizen of India - "Right to freedom". I say that this is terrorism. Without giving a clue u are tring to ban a few sites. What the hell is this? All these things are to make a show in front of the public. I mean innocent "starving Indian Public". And why not. The other frame comes in my mind is "India shinig". Where is India shinig? Only a few percent of the population of the country is enjoying the life. The rest of the( i mean nearly 60% and above) are still poor. So i would rate India to some of the poor Latin American countries and African countries. Hey as Gandhiji said Villages are the heart of India. Still true. Want to know more about my nation. Come on see the villages in India. Hope that all the misunderstandings made by the media will be removed. We need a huge voice. I mean a huge dhamaka like great Bhagath Singh to lead and Chandrashekhar Azad to guide. Feeling ashamed of the government. What are they tring to prove????????


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