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Saturday, March 11, 2006

State Film Award 2005

After a dissappointing tour from Chennai i
came to the room in Trivandrum. My room
mate understood my problem and he told
me ,"Da today in Tagore theatre we can
see the award ceremony of 2005 films".
We went there. The theatre wasnt upto
my expectation("Evan aaru?"). I saw
Mohanlal who won the award for best actor.
But the award which made me more happy
was the award gained by Salim Kumar. Wow
i couldnt explain the "Kai adi" that he got
from the audience. Humm.. He deserves it.
It was unlucky Navya Nair("Buuaaah") who
dint dont any "Kai adi". Why? I think she
doesnt deserve it. I dont like her acting except
in Nandanam. After that we saw the Ravindra
sangeetham. Some of the beautiful songs were
sung by the youngsters. I love music. So i was
just involved in it. Only Santhosh Keshav
heared some "Kooval". But apart from Salim
kumar i was also surprised by the award
bagged by Unda Pakru. A man who might not
be more than 2 feet took the award from
Aranmula Ponnamma just like a baby
Bhim with his "Gadha". Another beautiful


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