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Saturday, March 11, 2006

Come on GEC Skpuram

Now being a student of GEC Skpuram am
feeling ashamed due to the fact that lot
of colleges are taking intrest atleast to
take part in the free software movement.
And so its our college still in a "Pattikkad".
The students have to work hard and
atleast for god sake dont try to follow the
path of seniors. The best example was that
of the FISAT conducted in Angamali. What
i use to tell about the students of my college
is that "Unnan irikkumbol Ela anweshikkuka".
If atleast they do this then half satisfied. But
no one is intrested to get into the "Vazhathoppu"
and have the leaves for their lunch. Thank god
am out of the college. I miss only my friends and
some of my good teachers(Only 2 or 3) in the


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