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Monday, March 20, 2006

A memorable week

Yah the last week was so memorable
to me! Why did i got a girl friend? Nooo.
A week i enjoyed with so many people.
I got good food since i was with parents
and my sir(Chullan). We prepared some
gorgeos chicken and then ooophs...
Food is one of the most essential thing
in mans life. Do we earn for luxuary?
Since am comming from a remote
place, i dont find the value of luxuary in
my life. Am skidding from the topic. After
being in Trivandrum i was in search
of good food. In the sense no "Parippu
curry"(Dal). I was away form that curry
for the last week and so i loved the food
i had last week. I learned to how to cook
food(especially chicken) from Shaju and
Anoop. It was my dream, after comming
from the office and then,cooking food.
Hope i could get some good friends while
working in a good firm like-shyam,Bijoy,
joju,shaju etc...


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