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Sunday, July 30, 2006

India Shining

The most terrifying words that haunt me. Yah being an Indian I have to be shame on
what basis India is shining? Last week when i was in the Thrissur Bus Stand, I came to
meet a man who was begging for money. But do u know for what? Yah it was not for him.
Its for his children and his wife. He was sufferiing from "CANCER". Yah! His eyes told
that he cannot escape from it. He told us that he was also a driver, pointinig out the
driver in the bus, 5 years ago. But now he couldn't drive... Because of the pain of the
pus that had reached almost his brain. He showed us by shaking his head. Oh no i cant
tell any more. Its painful to explain the situation. Yah a yellow liquid came from his
ear. And apart from that his jaws also had some problem. When he was collecting money
his eyes was full of tears...

He told us that 5 years ago he dint expected that he would become a begger. "Now i am".
His words really touched my heart. He was asking to help his children not him. Yah
if atleast a percentage of humanity is there in your mind you too would help him.

Now what strikes in my mind is that how could India shine by just showing the growth
in the GDP. I donno... There are a lot of people in India who are struggling to get
food at least once in a day. Poverty and Lack of education are still to be erased in
India. Unless a mass movement is there to eradicate these factors, the poor will
remain poor and the middle and the high class section will defenitely grow up. The
government cannot close their eyes on the poor society. Lot more to tell. But the
poor mans eyes are still haunting me..

God when will India shine in the real sense. Hope that it cannot be a nightmare for
me even after i wake up a morning, after some 30 year's ... If am alive...


Blogger The one n only vivacious PARO said...

India is shining,maybe not in the sense u see it.India is definitely growing, but the growth will never be complete without each and every poor soul getting uplifted...more employment for the middle class men should not mean that,their family alone is being uplifted, but it should also mean that a 'not-so-lucky' guy somewhere around the corner is also getting uplifted. each and every Indian should see to it that the perks they obtain, gets contributed to the upliftment of the poor somehow-directly or indirectly...every Indian has to play a role...you and me... when we have a better today, we should help the poor...without waiting for the rich to portray examples...that way India will shine through...

11:06 PM  
Blogger Sujith said...

Yah paro. Different people take these things in a different sense. See according to me India will be shining when India will have the wealth to treat the poor man's stomach atleast twice a day. I dont know if you would have travelled north India. You can see lot of places where people struggle to get food!!! That is the picture what comes in the mind of a guy/lady from West. So the first thing is to give basic education. Take Kerala as a role model. If the government is not interested in such activities then according to me they dont have the right to say India is shining. I have got some good friends both in Kerala and Karnataka. We are trying our best to educate the students. To make then know about computers as far as we can!!!

3:48 PM  

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