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Thursday, March 09, 2006

Drunken chickens

OOH.... It was a fantastic day with bijoy,shyam,sreejith and my sir.
Now if i would die today no problem for me. One of my favourite
hobbies is to share the nostalgic moments with a known person(today it was my sir).
Ahm.. That evening we joined with 5 bottles of beer( A KF and 4
bottles of 5000). I had never imagined about my teacher to be so
company with me. He told me that if he knew that i use to drink then
he would be with me. Well am not a proffesional drinker. I even
remember the occasion when he asked me."Da evide innu vellamadikkan
plan ittittundu. Nee kudikkumo". I started to look up and down. Then i
thought if he could ask me frankly then i can tell him frankly. Hmmmm.
I told him "AAh vallappozhum". After completinig my B.Tech i dint got much
chance to enjoy the sip of alchohol. Now my sir is inviting me. I just went on.
He took his mobile and dialed ... "Da 1 more bottle. Ente studentum kudikkum".
My god they came with a chilled beer. It was a chilled session for us. Ahh...
He(sir) offered me a cigarette and i took from him. He told to me and his friends
"Da ente studentinte oppam njaan vellam adichu. Ini ithil param enikku
enthu venam." I was jealous in only one thing when would i enjoy the life like
him. And when would become atleast fat like him. Oh my god. Do u feel am
a sentimental, NNNNOOOO. I just want to enjoy like others(Like my sir and
my friends). Well he passed a comment about me and Nikhil, "EE Pillaru
kaanunnathu pole alla. Maanyanmaar ennu vichaarichavar kudiyanmaar".
Humm i couldnt foreget the session... A beautiful man. When i use to
have my seminars in college my friends use to tell me "Ohh da mathi
sirine Immitate cheythathu." For your kind information i use to do a
little mimicry also. That's all for now see u again...


Blogger yetanother.softwarejunk said...

Thats great... I am actually waiting to see how you imitate me !!!

Next time you must do it.

12:22 PM  
Blogger Sujith said...

Yah sure am praying to get a job in chennai,
so that i could show some of minute talents. ..

2:15 PM  

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