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Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Infy going to spend 890 CR...

Humm after Chidambarms visit to Mysore Infy campus the next day i read the news
in the paper that Infy is going to spent 890 cr in its Mysore Campus. I think
Infy CEO is trying to prove something!!. May be but he is spoiling the Indian
talents by giving the "carrots". We Indians do have the power to develop software
of our own. Someone told me that the R&D team of Infy will be handled by the REC's
and IITians. Do u think that Infy has a great R&D. Well i dont think so when compared
with the R&D of the IBM(though Chidambaram called it Legacy). By building tall
towers is not what we want. We want an Indian firm which is ready to market its
own product... Its own software not an outsourced one. There are a lot of firms
though small which do this, which dont have the working environment of Infy but
have got quality engineering work...

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