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Tuesday, March 28, 2006

3 tedious days

Last three days was really a nightmare for me. I was
assigned a task of creating a game. "Kalavasana
ullavanalle pattoo. Thathaye varachaal poocha ennu
thonnippikkunnathanu ente srishti". Meaning am not
a genuine artist. If i would draw a parrot it would look
like a cat. Any way only a few distance away from the
destination i just found the time to write the blog. Oh
Jayan you are really lucky man. Nobody in the project
and no company like feeling. So really frustrating me.
But these are some real lessons for me. The one that
i learnt from a small firm.

Footnote: Its better to come from a small firm to a larger one.
Its then you learn some thing. Its then you know


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