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Tuesday, April 25, 2006

My fate

Ooh last 2 days were really a nightmare for me. Sorry was it really a nightnmare, sorry i dont
know the right term for it. Anyway i woke up early, on saturday, with midu and went to UC
college. The rush dint surprised me. Anyway i got into the hall. Now the usual screening test started. A man with bulgaun started to announce the result. Lot of people cleared the first
round. I was amazed with the result. Oh my god my name was also called(with a gentle laugh in
my mind), i went with the queue. Now its the time for GD. Since my name was announced last i thoult i would be called last for the GD. But amazingly i was called for GD, right now. The
topic was really hot:Should there be reservation for SC and ST. I added 2 points. But generally our co-ordinator needed a quaralling session. So he changed the topic to:Should Abu-salem be hanged without trial. Again added my valuable points and stopped. Hope he was impressed and
made me clear that hurdle. And told to come at 3 P.M for the HR interview.
I came there at 3 P.M. Remember i dint had my breakfast and lunch. And after
that the Accenture man came and told the HR and other interviews will be for u tomorrow. Ooh the tedious day finished. I was tired. Reached the room at 5 P.M and called my sir Mr.Joju Joohn. He gave me some tips for the interviews. After that i had my lunch at 7 P.M. Now time to prepare for Tech interview. I was damn sure that i would clear the HR. I dont know how did i got the confidence.
The next day my slot was at 8.30 A.M. Again without break-fast i went to
Abad-Plaza in Kochi. But unfortunately i was called at 12 P.M for the HR. Now he started asking
me the project and told to write a program in c to check whether a number is prime or not. And
asked me "Why do u want to join Accenture?". Now was it HR or Tech interview for me. Anyway i
went to my seat. I was called for the Tech interview at 2.30 P.M. I was really hungry and
going mad with this slow process. What to do? I cant blame anyone for the moment bcoz i am
hunting for a job. Now i asked whether am facing a Tech interview or HR. He told me Tech. Now
he asked me everything in my resume. I mean everything. Asked me to write the programs in
all the languages i had written in my resume. At last he told me that if you can learn this
much from a small firm then you cant hope much from a firm like accenture.

Now tell me friends what was my fault? Was i overqualified? I dont know. I was shocked listening to his reply. And i was rejected. Hope that nobody could have such a bad experience

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

A bangalore Trip

The most terrible word IT. Even i had to tell someone in a company the defenition of IT.
Do you want to know the name of the company, it's none other than JPMprgan. The company
officials told me that IT had nothing to do with the communication. What the hell does
he thinks about the students from Calicut University? Are we mad. Is he mad. May be the
second one will be right. Because i had heared that strong knowledge is not required nowadays
in most of the companies. And then returned back to home with lot of desp.
Mom asked the routine,"What happened?" . "Dint got? Its ok."
I memorised the devotional words, "A man can fall 6 times but he will wake up the 7th time"
Oh my god i think i am trapped in between 5 and 6, may be "5.4".
Mom used to ask me,"Dear son have you purchased anything of your own from your salary"
Now it was my turn. I told,"Mom i had purchased a pant, a shirt and a Bata Chappal".
This is my own. Well she was so pleased because she used to think that money wont live
in my hand."Paisa kayyil vaazhilla".
But after this trip i took a pledge-"I wont work in a firm who dont know the meaning of
IT(I mean JPMorgan")

Monday, April 03, 2006

Beautiful Sunday

Yesterday was the most beatifull day, i enjoyed, after reaching Trivandrum.It was at 9 A.M(yesterday) we planned to go to Varkkala beach. Jossy was our leader. We(me, Sudhir , Sanju and Sojan) accompanied him. Manoj told me that Shivgiri was also a beautiful place to see. So we planned to Shivgiri also. Now by 2.30 P.M we got the Chennai mail. We reached Varkkala at 3 P.M and from there, went to Shivgiri(hardly 20 minutes from Varkkala). Shivgiri - A place where u could see the samadhi of Sree Narayana Guru. And much more i loved is the silence in Shivgiri. Lot of plants etc... You have to be there to enjoy the beauty of Shivgiri. Lot of trees are planted and some of them were new. Jossy passed a comment from film "Chinthavishtayaaya Shyamala". The perfect place to learn something. My grandpa used to tell me Suji wake up early so that u could learn something and its the time which would help u to memorise the things. Now when i reached Shivgiri i memorised his golden words. Sree Narayana Gurus famous wordings: "Oru Jaathi Oru Matham oru Daivam". There were some writings hanged in the trees. Where it was written that drinking alcohol, serving alcohol and forcing one to drink alcohol is also not good to mankind. But hanestly speaking most of the toddy shoppers and toddy makers belong to the "SNDP".

Now after that we came back to Varkkala to go to each(Since both places were in different directions). Jossy changed the plan a little bit. He guided us to a "place" ): and told " we could chill out and then go to beach".He ordred for a Full RUM and a chilled Beer. Well after hearing the word Beer Sudhir gave a gentle smile. After that session we reached the beach at 5.15 P.M. When i was 13 my father used to take me to the beaches. After a long time am in a beach with my friends. OOPs jossy , Sanju and Sojan jumped into the sea. I sat along with Sudhir in the beach. We sat silently for 2 hours. But i was not silent since i was talking with the sands(huhhh). The glorious beach where u could move nearly 200 meters from the shore and still the water level is till ur hips or ribs.
The coast gaurds were there to whistle by alarming that you shouldn't go far away. I asked him to give the lighter with which he lightened his cigarette, for Sanju. Now we became good friends and so when he tried to whistle against Jossy i told him "Nooo". 'They are my friends After that beautiful session of sun set we saw the candle light dinners. Yah and then returned from Varkkala and reached Trivandrum at 10 P.M Those who dint saw the beach in Varkkala, had really missed it. The only thing that haunts me is that i dint had the camera to take the snaps of sun set...

FootNote: To enjoy each and every moment you need good friends. I have got 4 good friends in Trivandrum. I dont know i would leave them after getting posted in a good paid company. That would really touch my heart because these are the good friends i got, i got , i got ....