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Wednesday, March 22, 2006

I Read It

Yes sir its really nice to see that firms are switching towards Linux.
Yah the on demand ice-cream maker and the cow milking machine.
You can have the video download by clicking in the link's given below.

Let's have a "Ta ttaratta tatata Eeha uuha Linux". Its being proven
that in the embedded side the growth of Linux is faster. Am waiting
for Moobella to come in India(Kerala), so that i can prepare ice-creamof my own and again an all time feeling that the machine is using Linux. The Indian industrialists should also think about the power of Linux in the embedded area. Though my friend Ms. Kattie told that India will be an economic power by 2010. Well if India would become such a great power lets hope that then some of them will show intrest for using Linux in atleast coffee shops(I mean the Nescafe maker).

  1. Moobella on-demand Ice Cream maker running Linux
  2. Linux powered robotic cow milking machine


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