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Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Rain Rain Come Again...

Well the rain had started in kerala. Living in Trivandrum i foregot to take umbrella from home.
And because of that i enjoyed the rain. Though my mom came to know that i was enjoying the rain in Trivandrum, she can't do anything except scolding me. Well it remind me the school days when i used to foreget to take the umbrella from school and get home with wet dress and books. My grandpa knews that if i reached home past 5 P.M he will be ready with the towell. And then suji starts to hear the scolding from uncle and grandma. At that time my only raksha was grandpa. Well now he is not with us. But this rain reminds him a lot. And ofcourse the cricket match played. OOh only after completing the match one could leave the ground. Humm huge sixes would make match still lengthier.
How can i foreget those days. Thank u rain. Well some people used to stare at me as though walking in rain without umbrella. I dont mind. Enjoy the rain...

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Again the same result

At last i dint suceeded. Well i feel that "job hunting" is like the story described in
Da Vinci Code. Am i so sentimental. May be. But each time when i get a call for a test
i am more ambitious. I feel that now my time has come. This is my time !!!!!

Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Oh god not at this time

Am going to attend the test this friday for Mphasis. I have only one thing to pray
before the god,please dont make me clear the test if my time is not right, to get
placed. Else please let me get the offer letter. Lets wait and see ...