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Tuesday, April 11, 2006

A bangalore Trip

The most terrible word IT. Even i had to tell someone in a company the defenition of IT.
Do you want to know the name of the company, it's none other than JPMprgan. The company
officials told me that IT had nothing to do with the communication. What the hell does
he thinks about the students from Calicut University? Are we mad. Is he mad. May be the
second one will be right. Because i had heared that strong knowledge is not required nowadays
in most of the companies. And then returned back to home with lot of desp.
Mom asked the routine,"What happened?" . "Dint got? Its ok."
I memorised the devotional words, "A man can fall 6 times but he will wake up the 7th time"
Oh my god i think i am trapped in between 5 and 6, may be "5.4".
Mom used to ask me,"Dear son have you purchased anything of your own from your salary"
Now it was my turn. I told,"Mom i had purchased a pant, a shirt and a Bata Chappal".
This is my own. Well she was so pleased because she used to think that money wont live
in my hand."Paisa kayyil vaazhilla".
But after this trip i took a pledge-"I wont work in a firm who dont know the meaning of
IT(I mean JPMorgan")


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