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Tuesday, April 25, 2006

My fate

Ooh last 2 days were really a nightmare for me. Sorry was it really a nightnmare, sorry i dont
know the right term for it. Anyway i woke up early, on saturday, with midu and went to UC
college. The rush dint surprised me. Anyway i got into the hall. Now the usual screening test started. A man with bulgaun started to announce the result. Lot of people cleared the first
round. I was amazed with the result. Oh my god my name was also called(with a gentle laugh in
my mind), i went with the queue. Now its the time for GD. Since my name was announced last i thoult i would be called last for the GD. But amazingly i was called for GD, right now. The
topic was really hot:Should there be reservation for SC and ST. I added 2 points. But generally our co-ordinator needed a quaralling session. So he changed the topic to:Should Abu-salem be hanged without trial. Again added my valuable points and stopped. Hope he was impressed and
made me clear that hurdle. And told to come at 3 P.M for the HR interview.
I came there at 3 P.M. Remember i dint had my breakfast and lunch. And after
that the Accenture man came and told the HR and other interviews will be for u tomorrow. Ooh the tedious day finished. I was tired. Reached the room at 5 P.M and called my sir Mr.Joju Joohn. He gave me some tips for the interviews. After that i had my lunch at 7 P.M. Now time to prepare for Tech interview. I was damn sure that i would clear the HR. I dont know how did i got the confidence.
The next day my slot was at 8.30 A.M. Again without break-fast i went to
Abad-Plaza in Kochi. But unfortunately i was called at 12 P.M for the HR. Now he started asking
me the project and told to write a program in c to check whether a number is prime or not. And
asked me "Why do u want to join Accenture?". Now was it HR or Tech interview for me. Anyway i
went to my seat. I was called for the Tech interview at 2.30 P.M. I was really hungry and
going mad with this slow process. What to do? I cant blame anyone for the moment bcoz i am
hunting for a job. Now i asked whether am facing a Tech interview or HR. He told me Tech. Now
he asked me everything in my resume. I mean everything. Asked me to write the programs in
all the languages i had written in my resume. At last he told me that if you can learn this
much from a small firm then you cant hope much from a firm like accenture.

Now tell me friends what was my fault? Was i overqualified? I dont know. I was shocked listening to his reply. And i was rejected. Hope that nobody could have such a bad experience


Blogger yetanother.softwarejunk said...

Abad-Plaza !!! God may bless you, dude.

I had attended 7 interviews in the same hotel.

My Advice don't quite breakfast or lunch for whatever reasons. You may convey the coordinator about the fact. He will surely allow.

7:26 PM  
Blogger Sujith said...

When i asked that fellow he told me within 5 minutes i will be having HR and Tech. Tell me sir how can i have my lunch,at least, in 5 mins and get back.

Ente ponnu maashe 7 interviews!!!! After having 3 am tired of this process. But one i feel that when u lose a chance and if other test is there soon then i feel little relaxed.

6:28 PM  

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