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Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Blog changed

I had changed my blog to sujith-h.livejournal.com.

Thursday, September 28, 2006


I have been told by my friends that bangalore is supposed to be a good place to live. There are lot of good places in bangalore and lots of bla blas. But what I realized is that there are not much places in Bangalore which are mind blowing. Yah for people who live for babes, it's a good venue. But if you are a nature lover then you have only few places in Bangalore. A few wishes have yet to be fulfilled, which is to take a photo with my most lovable teacher in IIM Bangalore and also in IISC Bangalore. And also a safari to Bannarghatta National park in Bangalore with him. I think these are the venues that one has to see in Bangalore. Rather than the shopping malls in Bangalore. The intresting fact is that Bangalore doesnt have the good Multiplexes when compared to other Metro cities in India.

Again one more question what's there in Bangalore that's not there in Chennai? Do you feel that am asking you rubbish questions. Well not the only thing is the cool climate of Bangalore deviates from Chennai. Which I am sure that Bangalore will soon be affecting from heating effect. The vehicle users are increasing each and every day in Bangalore. So don't worry my dear Chennaiates everything is running in favour of you. When I was in Chennai I din't felt this much of traffic problem. Why is this due to? The government is greedy to "eat money". But no one is ready to build a proper infrastructure in Bangalore. Lot's of stuffs are there cooking in my mind which I am supposed to control because of some reasons.

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Infy going to spend 890 CR...

Humm after Chidambarms visit to Mysore Infy campus the next day i read the news
in the paper that Infy is going to spent 890 cr in its Mysore Campus. I think
Infy CEO is trying to prove something!!. May be but he is spoiling the Indian
talents by giving the "carrots". We Indians do have the power to develop software
of our own. Someone told me that the R&D team of Infy will be handled by the REC's
and IITians. Do u think that Infy has a great R&D. Well i dont think so when compared
with the R&D of the IBM(though Chidambaram called it Legacy). By building tall
towers is not what we want. We want an Indian firm which is ready to market its
own product... Its own software not an outsourced one. There are a lot of firms
though small which do this, which dont have the working environment of Infy but
have got quality engineering work...

All the comments are welcomed...

Sunday, July 30, 2006

India Shining

The most terrifying words that haunt me. Yah being an Indian I have to be shame on
what basis India is shining? Last week when i was in the Thrissur Bus Stand, I came to
meet a man who was begging for money. But do u know for what? Yah it was not for him.
Its for his children and his wife. He was sufferiing from "CANCER". Yah! His eyes told
that he cannot escape from it. He told us that he was also a driver, pointinig out the
driver in the bus, 5 years ago. But now he couldn't drive... Because of the pain of the
pus that had reached almost his brain. He showed us by shaking his head. Oh no i cant
tell any more. Its painful to explain the situation. Yah a yellow liquid came from his
ear. And apart from that his jaws also had some problem. When he was collecting money
his eyes was full of tears...

He told us that 5 years ago he dint expected that he would become a begger. "Now i am".
His words really touched my heart. He was asking to help his children not him. Yah
if atleast a percentage of humanity is there in your mind you too would help him.

Now what strikes in my mind is that how could India shine by just showing the growth
in the GDP. I donno... There are a lot of people in India who are struggling to get
food at least once in a day. Poverty and Lack of education are still to be erased in
India. Unless a mass movement is there to eradicate these factors, the poor will
remain poor and the middle and the high class section will defenitely grow up. The
government cannot close their eyes on the poor society. Lot more to tell. But the
poor mans eyes are still haunting me..

God when will India shine in the real sense. Hope that it cannot be a nightmare for
me even after i wake up a morning, after some 30 year's ... If am alive...

Saturday, July 22, 2006


Oh am terrified with the word 'terrosrism'. After the word the 'terrorism' the most horrifying word is 'censorship'. What the hell is going on in India. Is the government a big fool to add censorship to the blogging sites. As Anivar told blogging is the freedom to speech. If u are lifting this freedom it means that u are playing with the fundamental right of the citizen of India - "Right to freedom". I say that this is terrorism. Without giving a clue u are tring to ban a few sites. What the hell is this? All these things are to make a show in front of the public. I mean innocent "starving Indian Public". And why not. The other frame comes in my mind is "India shinig". Where is India shinig? Only a few percent of the population of the country is enjoying the life. The rest of the( i mean nearly 60% and above) are still poor. So i would rate India to some of the poor Latin American countries and African countries. Hey as Gandhiji said Villages are the heart of India. Still true. Want to know more about my nation. Come on see the villages in India. Hope that all the misunderstandings made by the media will be removed. We need a huge voice. I mean a huge dhamaka like great Bhagath Singh to lead and Chandrashekhar Azad to guide. Feeling ashamed of the government. What are they tring to prove????????

Sunday, July 16, 2006


Please go through :

GDB stub

::) Pure Techie

Monday, July 10, 2006

What is this Zidane?

We all know that Zidane is a good player. And ofcourse how could the Brazilians foreget the 2
powerful headers from Zidane which was converted in to goal in the 1998 world cup. But what
happened to him yesterday? Had he gone mad to "head a player". Even you may know that a
small foul in the ankle of the player could lead to an injury, which would take 2 or more
months to recover. And what about hitting a player with your head. Humm. It made me remind
an incident that occured in West Bengal. One of the players from Dempo Goa died because of a
"kick" from the opponent. Shame on u Zidane. A shameful retirement from the world of football.

My dream team fell down

I dint wrote any entries in my blog for a long time. The reason was my dream team fell down. Oh
sorry i foregot to say my dream team its none other than Argentina. How can i belive when
Argentina was defeated in the penalty shoot out. I think during the university exam i had never
concentrated as i did for the matches of the Argentina.

What makes me more attractive towards Argentina is their fantastic pass. Belive me i am the only
one in my room to support Argentina. The rest of them are Brazil and Itally fans. So i used to
tell them if u love real game of football then u would love one and only one country ---Argentina.
Well if u had watched the match against Serbia you could see the "Magical 24th" touch. How could
one hate the play maker Requilme.

I told my room mates during the quarter final of this world cup that Argentina would make the first goal in the match against the home team. Well even after that if Argentina lost the match no problem for me (Kidding). What happened to the team -Brazil. Ofcourse the Brazil fans used to say that they are all time champions. What happened to them in the quarter final. I think they deserve the punishment. I dont think Roberto charlos is a fool not to mark Henry of France.

After the end of the Brazil X France match, i told them "Look at my team- they were out but they
played well and then they were thrown away. What about ur team?"

Now i have to wait till 2010 for the next magic of Messi and crespo still others.... from