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Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Yet Another Get Together

Yah last week end was supposed to be one of the most intresting week end for me. Since we(Nikhil,Reju and Hareesh) are uniting for the first time after the college life. And what to tell.We made a plan to have a movie "The Da Vinci Code". Saw the first show from sreedhar in Kochin.And you could see Reju's eyes going wider. Thats natural when us see a dusky dumsel.
And me,after living in Trivandrum(without Nikhil), never mind them. We came back to home after
the great dinner, after a long time am having it. And then the next day was again the time for
"Kazha". And Reju told suji had came to kochin. So we should celebrate. And Nikhil brought
2 bottle of Romanov. And now everyone started to remind their old college life. Some of them
even cried(including me). Our old "set up". Some of them were sure about their marriage, but...
Really a nostalgic day. Mahadev who was employed in sify told that "Aliyaa innu router down aayaal
enikku pullaaa". The beautiful day in my life. Not for having Romanov. But for several others.
Nikhil my best friend was little sentimental when i was back to Trivandrum the next day.
"Oru koottukaarante manassu mattoru koottukaarane ariyoo". Nikhil even told "if suji had
got in HCL....". When will be the next get together? Hope it may continue even after the marriage.

After the college is what we find the value of our friends. They were really close to your heart.


Blogger The one n only vivacious PARO said...

Sure...friendship is the best part of life

7:02 PM  
Blogger Sujith said...

Paro u cant imagine about the life we had in our college...

6:56 PM  

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